Tel Aviv: The Best Places to Party all Night

Published: 21st June 2010
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When you are always in for a supreme and ultimate clubbing experience, the best place to be is in Tel Aviv. Yes, Las Vegas is known as the city which never sleeps in America but if you are in Asia, nothing will ever beat Tel Aviv because you will never experience dull nights in this city. All you have to do is to enjoy them with all your friends. Get wild on the dance floor as you dance, drink and party all night!

The succeeding clubs and bars are just some of the hottest entertainment and party places you should not have to miss if you are spending your vacation in this one of a kind city.

Do you want a rugged type of party? Well, Florentin is the best place for you to spend the night out because this appeals especially to the indie and artsy crowd. The following are just some of the most notable bars where you can find a one of a kind enjoyment: Comfort 13, Hudna located in the Abarbanel Street, Haoman 17 and many others.

Are you 18-19 years old? Get up and invite your friends to go with you to the Ha'Masger - Ha'Rakevet St. The remarkable places that you should not miss there are Vox, Dome and many more. By hanging out in any of these places, you might get to know the long lost love of your life.

Do you love literature? Does the blood of a poet run in your veins? Well, the best place to be during warm nights in Tel Aviv is at King George-Tshernechovsky. Some of the bars and clubs here just like Almonit Lane and Geatzel Shapira are definitely devoted to the revival movement of poetry. Aside from that, there are also recommended places such as Yemen Falatel and Hakosem Falatel because of their highly artistic atmosphere and ambiance.

On Karlibach, there are new clubbing areas such as Ve'Hakelev, Hachatul, and ZiziTripo as well. If you are in for high-tech clubbing, then you must go to Ramat Ha'Chayal. The following are just some of the party places which you should not miss: Molly's Sushi Samba, Frame and Leo Blooms.

Do you want to be in the coolest pubs in Tel Aviv where you can meet and socialize with other pubbers and tourists? Choose from the following pubs where you want to party all night: Liliroz, Dorothy Gales, Brasserie and Vila Sokolov.

Are you craving to experience an American style of having fun even though you are in the heart of Asia? Then go to Mike's Place which is located in 86 Herbert Samuel which is just next to the Embassy of America.

Having fun all night is a bit tiring, right? So you have to rest in an accommodation that will give you the kind of relaxation you need. The answer is simply an apartment rental in Tel Aviv. In every out of the country escapade, this is the most economical way of having fun because the amenities this offers is just the same as what first-class hotels give. You must know that the only difference is the price. So, have a vacation in Tel Aviv now! Please visit our website

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